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Our design process is about the way we do the amazing things we do and how we git er done…*ahem* uh, how we get the job completed.  Without this process, we would be like Frodo and Sam trying to get to Mordor – y’know how it took them 10,000 hours worth of film, going here and there, sometimes just wandering – yeah, like that.  So this process streamlines our collaboration with you and gets you what you want and need, with jaw-dropping results, in a reasonable time frame.  Check it out, pour over it, memorize it, then contact us to make your design dreams come true (we believe in ‘happily ever after,’ don’t you?)!

The Brief

The low-down, the scuzz, the “Who’s On First” (without all that confusion) about your project.  This is where we meet (either on the phone or in person) to talk together about your vision.  This is where, ideally, we see your passion and catch the fire that will Ignite your brand (<– like how we did that?).  We also go over any deadlines or timelines during this initial consultation.  All these factors will help us to determine your custom quote and get your brand on the road to design awesomeness.  Now it’s on to the next step…

The Quote

There are no surprises here.  At this point we have talked about your project, given a ballpark price based on our consult, and have now put it down on paper – well, an official quote form.  And now it’s time for you to review it and give it your stamp of approval so we can get this ball rolling.  Once we get the “OK” from you, and receive a down-payment, we move to the design phase!  Yay!

The Design

This is when the magic happens!  That fire we caught wasn’t just indigestion, it was the light from heaven opening up our eyes to the vision of your project.  We begin creating, brainstorming, researching, colorizing, and shaping your project based on all the intel we’ve been able to uncover through discussions and consults with you.  We’ll come up with proofs once we establish some solid ideas so you can see our progress and when the gates of inspiration finally begin to close, we’ll present them to you for your consideration.  Of course, we already know you’ll love them, because you’ve been involved in the process of discovery with us.

The Revisions

You’ve gone through the proofs and have landed on a design/designs that you want to develop further.  Now we are in the revision stage.  We’ll start to carve, cut, and chisel a little here and there to refine your chosen design(s) so that when we are finished, you’ll have yourself a sparkly brand-spanking new brand design that’s ready to take on the world!  Just to be clear, we are now out of the full-on design mode and are making some minor adjustments – no major changes are cropping up at this juncture.  Now on to the next stage of the process!

The Sign-Off

This is a small but very important part of our process.  This is the part where you say, “It’s done! We love it, and you!  You’re amazing!  We APPROVE this work!” (too much? nah!)  It’s important that you have completely scoured your design for any rare anomalies like spelling errors, grammatical inconsistencies, or a circle where there is supposed to be a square.  Once a design is approved, it means that it is “green-lit” for print or launch, and we want to make sure that it is absolutely perfect!

The Final Product

Your award-winning project is digitally delivered, or sent to print (to be delivered later), or launched out into the vast World Wide Web to amaze and astound viewers of all ages!  We’ll provide you with whatever format you need it in and we’ll send you on your way to business marketing bliss until our next adventure together.  And this is when you weep for joy to all your friends about the amazing experience you had with Imagine and how they lit a fire under your–Oops! …and how they Ignited your brand to be more than you ever dreamed!
And they lived happily…ever…after.