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Email Campaigns?

How are your email campaigns going?  Do you even use email campaigns to market your business?  Perhaps you have before, but found them lack-luster?  Well, here is a little knowledge for you from our friends at Wired and Mailchimp, the latter an email campaign service that many businesses use to deliver their valuable newsletters and content.

Mailchimp Sends a Billion Emails a Day. That’s the Easy Part

In A Nutshell (if you decided to forego the above link)

Sending out billions of emails a day is the easy part for services like Mailchimp, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.  It’s getting them delivered to inboxes instead of spam folders that’s the problem.  Not only do spam filters scan for keywords like references to pharmaceuticals and porn, but they also look at the servers the email is coming from.  Companies like Google, Yahoo and Mailchimp are using reputation scoring to rank the “spamminess” of a server.

This can go a long way for those of us who don’t have a mail server from which to send large amounts of email, most of which would go directly into spam folders because we don’t have the reputation of a large distribution center like Google, Mailchimp, or Constant Contact.  The article states that new mail servers start with a reputation score of less than zero!  That’s because new servers are too often set up by spammers using malware, not intentionally by business owners.  So, it’s a good thing, I think, to use some of these proven companies to manage your email distribution.  Maybe it’s time to rethink using email to market your business?  Give it another go and see what happens!  What’s the worst that can happen?  You might get a few more clients.

Mailchimp, whom I have used, seems like they are proactive about how they send out email and not wanting your emails to go to spam.  I like their monkey too.  If you don’t have an email campaign service yet, give them a try – It’s free! Here’s their link, check them out!

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